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Company Care and Safety

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Clean & Safe seal:

“Clean & Safe” label – something that has become a constant that we see present in many businesses that many of you have probably seen. This seal is made available by Turismo de Portugal to distinguish companies in the tourism sector that comply with the recommendations of the Portuguese General Directorate for Health to avoid contamination of spaces with the new coronavirus.

This recognition is valid until April 30, 2021 and is completely free and optional. However, it requires companies to implement an internal protocol that ensures the necessary hygiene measures to avoid risks of contagion by Covid-19 and ensures that all necessary procedures are taken for the safe operation of tourist activities, in accordance with the recommendations of the Portuguese Directorate-General for Health.

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Company Care

But then what implications did this label bring to Oporto Road Trips?

As already discussed in our previous publication, the concern for comfort and safety has always been a constant. Currently, the increased need for security that was created by the emergence of Covid-19 has led us to seek even more to adapt to the growing security needs of society.

If cleaning of the utmost care was already dedicated to our fleet, this care is now more than tripled. Our vehicles are disinfected daily and meticulously, after each use: specific solutions are used for cleaning windows, upholstery and all surfaces susceptible to contact and are ventilated whenever possible (whenever they are not being used).


Care during Tours

We provide our customers with disposable masks and an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. From the moment the guide arrives at the collection of the clients, who cannot demonstrate any symptoms of Covid-19 to be able to continue his journey, they are asked to put the disposable mask at his disposal (mandatory and non-negotiable use). If the clients have any luggage with them and, unless it is not possible for physical reasons, the guide will open the trunk door so that the they can place your luggage in person.

Then, clients are asked not to touch the seat handles / levers – the guide will open the doors / operate the seats so that they can enter and sit comfortably, thus avoiding the touch of several people on the same surface. We also ask our clients to keep their hands on their laps during the trip, whenever possible.

Upon arrival at each activity, our partners are responsible for hygiene and care in their facilities, so it is the client’s responsibility to follow the rules and rules that they can place in order to access their activities.

Between each activity, before returning to the vans, clients are also asked to use the disinfectant again.

This way, with all these measures, we can guarantee an unforgettable trip and adventure but, above all, one with all the necessary safety measures to guarantee the health and well-being of everyone.



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