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Going from Porto to the Douro Valley


  The Douro Valley is, without a doubt, a place of choice for many tourists. Whether to appreciate nature’s cutouts, delight in wine tasting or enjoy a walk on the river, the Douro receives thousands of visitors annually. These visitors arrive at the site in many ways, either privately or accompanied by tourist entertainment companies….

Nature and Curiosities in the Douro Valley

a large green field with a mountain in the background

  The wine region of the Douro Valley is a region that goes beyond the production of good wines and with incredible landscapes – it is also a place full of fascinating curiosities. In 2001 it was classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, due to its particular characteristics! First, we must talk about…

Harvest Season – The “Vindimas”

Douro Valley Tour - 3 Wineries and Lunch

  The harvest season is one of the most coveted times of the year for wine lovers who like to visit the land. The vineyards, which are already beautiful throughout the year, take on a different life: vibrant colors and aromas, together with the several hundred tourists who travel to the Douro at this time…

How the Covid Pandemic changed our Tours


During pandemic times, we can say that the whole world suffers. I am sure that those who are reading also suffered in the skin in one way or another, in professional terms, with the COVID-19. There are countless companies whose activity had to be stopped or reduced due to the virus. But for me, no…

Prepare for Douro in different Seasons

a dirt path in a garden

Portugal is a coastal nation and is located in southeastern Europe. It is part of the Iberian Peninsula and in the summer it is a country with hot temperatures, where the average is 28ºC. Here in Portugal we have a Mediterranean climate, so the winter is milder than in many other European countries. During the…

The Day of a Tour Guide – Experiences

a group of people standing in front of a mountain

  I am one of the two tour guides of our company. I have been touring for two years and it is a job that gave me moments of all kinds, naturally. When I started, I soon realized that it would be a job with a promising future, a job to last. Being young (I’m…

What to visit when staying in Porto

Porto Tour - Full Day

  First of all… Great choice! The city of Porto has a lovely mixture of sensations that captivates any visitor. If you want to take a cultural trip, get lost in our historic streets, a world heritage site, let the Torre dos Clérigos and our Sé tell you stories from our past. If your intention…

Company Care and Safety

a glass of wine sitting on top of a wooden table

    Clean & Safe seal: “Clean & Safe” label – something that has become a constant that we see present in many businesses that many of you have probably seen. This seal is made available by Turismo de Portugal to distinguish companies in the tourism sector that comply with the recommendations of the Portuguese…

Welcome to the Oporto Road Trips’ blog!

a large green field with a mountain in the background

Oporto Road Trips – Private Tours is a company based in Porto and has been operating in the tourist transport sector with a guide in Portugal since 2012. Since the beginning, we have stood out for the excellence and exclusivity of our offer. For this, we have highly qualified and dedicated professionals so that we…