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Port Wine and Food Pairings

Douro Valley Tour - 2 Wineries and Lunch


Typically Portuguese and from the Douro Valley area, one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world, the famous Port wine is something deeply appreciated all over the world: as an aperitif, at the table, in recipes, in desserts, after the meal. However, Port wines can taste even better if they are accompanied by some gastronomic snacks.

It can be agreed that some of the most simple and recurring are cheeses, nuts and chocolates.

However, all Port wines are not the same and have the same characteristics. For this reason, different types of Port wines require different types of snacks, and here are our suggestions:



Ruby and Tawnys Port wines are best suited to desserts, especially those containing chocolate: chocolate fondants, chocolate cake with raspberry sauce or other red fruits, chocolate truffles and even pure chocolate, broken directly from the tablet ! However, other desserts are also highly appreciated, such as almond, apple, caramel, brioche, cheesecake, rice pudding or the much coveted French toast at Christmas.

An interesting fact is that these wines are also often used in making desserts, such as French pudding and pears soaked in wine (a recipe popularly known as “drunk pears”).



Cheeses combine well not only with Port wine, but with any wine. To taste with a vintage, buttery and lightly peppered blue cheeses; with an aged Tawny, Parmesan and Manchego; with a Ruby, Brie or Italian cheese.

There is no mistake when combining cheese with Port wine, although the buttery cheeses and with a lighter consistency can be considered too sweet to be considered a good combination.



If you are a connoisseur of fruits, you will like to know that you will have an excuse to taste them, since they form a fabulous pair with Port wines – mainly with Tawny and Ruby. Figs, nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, strawberries and some fruits of the forest are just some of the examples.



In addition to all this, you can also combine it with honey (one of the delicious products that are also made in the Douro) and consume together with a complete meal.


a plate of food on a picnic table


Mouth watering? Join us and discover the flavors of the Douro with us!