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Cancel and Refund Policy

All the programs were developed by Oporto Road Trips. The price of the programs includes transportation, driver, and local information service. Oporto Road Trips offers all insurance required by Portuguese law, including passenger insurance.

Children and Infants pay adult price.

We are not responsible for any loss or damage (whether personal or moral) or by objects left inside the vehicles.

All tours begin at the site previously indicated by the customer, provided the site is in the whereabouts of the city of Porto – if not, it’s the customer’s responsibility to meet the guide in a previously discussed meeting point at one of these locations.

All tours also depart from Porto at 8:30 AM. The time window for client pick-ups is from 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM – the exact time will be provided to the client by email the day before the tour takes place.

We are not responsible for delays related to bad weather, traffic, or mechanical failure. It is the customer’s responsibility to meet the person responsible for the tour, at the right time and place. The delay or lack of attendance is the responsibility of the customer. Thus, the tour can continue. Entries in monuments and museums are not included in the prices.

Note: Visits at the wineries and river cruise are not fully private and open to external participants.


Cancel and Refund Policy:

Standard Shared Tours and Private Tours: Cancel refunds will only be made if the client cancels 24 hours before the tour takes place. Any claim must be made in writing.

Custom Group and Private Tours: Bookings are only ensured after full payment is processed. Payments must be made in advance by Credit Card or Bank Transfer (Transfer proof required). Pre-bookings are valid for 72 hours – they will not be considered valid if payment is not processed within this time limit. Cancel refunds will only be made if the client cancels up to 7 days before the tour takes place. Any claim must be made in writing.


Gift Vouchers Specific Policy:

Cancelation/Reschedule Policy:

  • Activating customers can reschedule up to 2 (two) times after the voucher is activated.
  • Reschedules can only be made 24 hours (1 day) before the tour takes place.
  • Reshedules and Cancelations made within less than 24 hours from the beginning of the tour or on the same day of the tour will not be granted the right to reschedule.
  • If the client(s) do not attend the tour, they will be marked as “no-show” and a reschedule will not be granted.
  • Reschedules DO NOT EXTEND EXPIRATION DATE – expiration date will always be 365 days counting from purchase date.

Refund Policy:

  • Original buyer of the Gift Voucher can be refunded for a period of 14 (non work) days after purchase date, given the Voucher has not yet been activated.
  • Already activated Vouchers will not be refunded.
  • If the above applies, refunds will be processed to the bank account that has purchased the Gift Voucher (Buying Customer’s bank account).
  • Customers that have been gifted a Gift Voucher are not eligible for a monetary refund of any kind.