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Welcome to the Oporto Road Trips’ blog!

a large green field with a mountain in the background

Oporto Road Trips – Private Tours is a company based in Porto and has been operating in the tourist transport sector with a guide in Portugal since 2012.

Since the beginning, we have stood out for the excellence and exclusivity of our offer. For this, we have highly qualified and dedicated professionals so that we can offer our customers personalized service and tourist information.

We have a fleet of motor vehicles that meet this premise: those who travel with us can do so with the certainty that they will do so with the greatest comfort and convenience.

The satisfaction of our customers is our greatest goal. For us, tourism is not just a business, but a passion – being able to be the agent that contributes to the well-being and happiness of our customers through the creation of beautiful and unique memories is a pleasure and gives us great personal satisfaction!

Thus, the quality of our services is based on values ​​such as exclusivity, discretion, efficiency, rigor, and versatility. We do our best to establish, with the client, a warm and professional relationship, so that he can experience his adventure in a unique and pleasant way.

The programs developed by Oporto Road Trips – Private Tours aim to promote and publicize the national territory. We have a wide range of offers from which our customers can choose, from wine tours to more cities and historical tours. However, most of the tours we carry out are made in the Douro valley, known for its beautiful and unique wine landscapes and the fabulous Douro river.

The concern with comfort and safety has always been a constant. Currently, the increased need for security that was created by the emergence of Covid-19 has led Oporto Road Trips to seek even more to adapt to the growing needs of society and, therefore, its customers.

We are a company certified with the Clean & Safe seal by Turismo de Portugal and we always operate with maximum safety and with all the hygiene conditions imposed by the General Directorate of Portuguese Health – conditions that range from the constant and thorough cleaning of our fleet vehicles to an extra careful relationship with all our employees and the supply of any material that may be needed during the tours.

a large green field with a mountain in the background

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