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Porto Distinguished the Best European Destination 2017


13 fevereiro 2017 Jornal Público

Three times nominated. Three times voted best European destination of the year. Porto has just won the competition promoted by European Consumers Choice, ranking first in the online poll that ended this Friday.

Neither major European capitals like Paris, Rome, Berlin, Prague, London, Madrid, Brussels or Amsterdam. Nor picturesque stops like San Sebastian, Gdansk, Stari Grad, Sozopol or Wilg Taiga. None of the 19 named destinations managed to face the Portuguese city.

“The choice of a winning city has never been so unanimous,” reads the competition’s website, collecting votes from 174 countries including “United States, United Kingdom, France, Denmark, South Africa, South Korea, Canada, “lists the organization.

In second place was the Italian city Milan, followed by Gdansk, in third position. Athens was the fourth most voted by the public – online suffrage was once again open to everyone from 20 January to 10 February. In the top 15 were still San Sebastian, Sozopol, Vienna, Stari Grad, Basel, Madrid, Rotterdam, Rome, Paris, Bonifacio and Wild Taiga.

Shortly after the announcement of the nominations for the European Best Destination 2017, the Porto City Council launched a promotional campaign leveraged in a video where the musicians Pedro Abrunhosa and Miguel Araújo, soccer players Rúben Neves, Herrera and Felipe, fashion designer Katty Xiomara and other “ambassadors” of the city “stared at the Port”, among images of the most iconic monuments and tourist attractions of the city Invicta.

This is the third time Porto has been among the finalists. And it is the third time that brings the award after having won in 2012 and 2014. Lisbon also had already won the first place, soon in the first edition in 2010. Last year, the Croatian city Zadar was the favorite of the public , Collecting the largest number of votes. The archipelago of the Azores, the only Portuguese representative in 2016, was in fifth place.

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