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Porto Won EBD 2014


13 fevereiro 2014 Magazine Libertas

From 20 destinations (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bergen, Berlin, Budapest, Cannes, Geneva, Glasgow, London, Madeira, Madrid, Milan, Nicosia, Paris, Porto, Prague, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna, Zagreb) just one won.

Porto is the new European Best Destination for 2014.

Porto is the second important city in Portugal, after the capital city Lisbon. Porto is the city that gave the name to Portugal and to one of the most famous wines: Porto Wine.

Porto is also know by the name “Cidade Invicta” because during the Portuguese Civil War (1828-1834) the population war in the side of the liberal King Pedro IV (the first emperor of Brazil) and his daugther D. Maria II against the absolutist brother King Miguel I.

Porto is also sometimes called the “Capital of North” because is the most important city in the North of Portugal which is one of the most rich regions of Portugal with many industries and companies.

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