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Prepare for Douro in different Seasons

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Portugal is a coastal nation and is located in southeastern Europe. It is part of the Iberian Peninsula and in the summer it is a country with hot temperatures, where the average is 28ºC. Here in Portugal we have a Mediterranean climate, so the winter is milder than in many other European countries. During the winter, most of the country has daytime temperatures of around 10°C and, at times, may drop below freezing.

The coldest areas are Minho and Trás-os-Montes, where on occasion it is possible to see snow. Although Portugal is one of the sunniest European countries (an average of 300 days a year) it is common to have rainy days in the winter months. So make sure you bring some waterproof clothes and shoes and an umbrella when you visit Portugal this season.

Regarding what to wear in the summer, if you plan to travel to Portugal on this and take a tour with us to the Douro, we recommend that you bring light, light-colored sweaters, as well as comfortable clothes and shoes for walking. Know that the city centers are relatively small and the historical centers are areas that are better to know walking. July and August nights are warm too, so you can go out at night in shorts or a dress. Don’t forget to put on a jacket if you travel to parts of the country by the ocean.

As for the rest of the luggage, it is worth mentioning the importance of bringing sunscreen, a hat and your sunglasses. In any case, these are items that you can easily buy anywhere in the country.


Really important … is to schedule your visit to Portugal and a tour of the Douro with us!



Text by Diana Pereira, tour guide of Oporto Road Trips