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The Day of a Tour Guide – Experiences

a group of people standing in front of a mountain


I am one of the two tour guides of our company. I have been touring for two years and it is a job that gave me moments of all kinds, naturally.

When I started, I soon realized that it would be a job with a promising future, a job to last. Being young (I’m 28 years old) feeling the security of being able to work in the same place for many years was something that I really liked. Right from the start, our boss (Hélio) made me feel that he had the intention of creating a company in which everyone felt good, with prospects for the future and growth objectives. We are well aware that finding a stable job today is very difficult and a cause of stress to the less experienced. I never got to feel that stress here and this opportunity allowed me to skip many steps of concern that I know I would have to work with other companies.

Coming from an area that is not tourism, there was a period of adaptation to this profession, which included learning and getting used to a number of things to do in the day-to-day work: studying historical and geographical information, interesting facts, getting to know the cultures of all countries as best as possible so that there was some familiarity in conversations with customers, knowing the routes… A lot to do, isn’t it? That’s just being a guide. Multitasking, attentive, helpful and flexible. On the same day we do everything, from: driving, informing, entertaining, answering questions, managing time so that schedules are met and cleaning vehicles for the next day.

It is indeed a demanding job!

As such, there must be many positive points for people to remain motivated and energetic. The best thing that this job gives me is the friendships with clients. There is nothing more positive than being told that the best day of vacation while in Porto was the one they spent with me and our small group. I have clients who months after our tour sending me messages or emails with pictures of us. These moments make all the difficulties worthwhile. They make me feel like I’m doing an excellent job and motivate me to always be the best guide possible.

With this testimony I want you to be sure that when traveling with us you are traveling with people who love their work and make sure to provide you with moments and memories that you will take with you for life!



Text by Cheila Oliveira, Tour Guide at Oporto Road Trips